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Professional Presentations & Video Conferencing With Ease

Are you tired of being let down or embarrassed in front of your peers at work whilst presenting that speech because your laptop won’t go on the screen or that nobody can hear you? Well let us take the worry away. You will never have an audio visual disaster again. Our fully functioning and personalised audio visual system controllers take the head ache and confusion out of AV forever. All you need to do is plug in your computer, grab the touch screen interface and press the appropriate button and your well on your way to a perfect presentation.

You will sound clear and precise and look great at the same time. This integrated system also allows for worry free video conferencing at a touch of a button, long are the days when only the IT guy had the technological knowhow to operate all the components. It is all made so easy with our fully integrated user interfaces and system controllers, bright clear projectors and great audio distribution. Make your next presentation a dream rather than a nightmare.

Video Conferencing is Changing How We Work

Improve Your Business Collaboration Options

People can now collaborate remotely in real time as if they were working from the same office. But to get the most from your unified communications system you should consider all aspects of the equipment you choose, its installation and how it is configured. Compact Monitor Systems Australia will take all responsiblity for installing the correct equipment for the job when it comes to video conferencing and unified communications. We will ensure your rooms, cameras and microphones are all setup with attention to detail and optimial settings. We will eliminate the potential for poor quality visuals and background noise through proper positioning and configuration of your equipment.. Everything from headsets, cameras and software is implemented as purpose fit for your application, so your team has the remote collaboration tools and flexiblity they need.

Live streaming platforms are becoming more user friendly as time goes on, with rich new features being developed in a highly competitive marketplace of video conferencing apps and integrations.

Compact Monitor Systems can help you to choose the right equipment, compatible software and apps. We will assist to setup your users and configure certain features to suit your workflows, security and privacy preferences.

Enquire with us today to discuss your video conferencing requirements. We can help you to benefit from video conferencing in the following ways:

Video call with business colleagues.
Remote Video Conferencing is Essential for Modern Business Communication

Instant Access & Freedom of Location

These days we need everything to be available no matter where we are. From professionals in the medical field to the corporate world and everything in between, we need to stay in touch without the obvious restrictions, and with a Hi-Res Video Conferencing you can.

Man using tablet for video call.
Personal Video Conferencing Will Take Your Business to the Next Level

Better Communication & Increased Productivity

On-location video conferencing benefits clients, employees and the bottom line by saving travel costs and eliminating downtime while still keeping open lines of communication and interaction. Features such as screen sharing, file sharing and online transactions makes collaboration a breeze.

Video call in home office.
Setup Your Employees to Work Remotely From Home

Achieve More from the Home Office

Keep spirits high without losing touch with less time traveling and more time home with the family. Productivity, morale and your company’s cash flow will benefit, and you don’t have to sacrifice relationships. Find out how you can improve employee productivity and gain the competitive advantage through enhanced remote video conferencing.

Empty computer office space.
Save on Travel Expenses and Commercial Leases

Reduce Operational Costs with Video Conferencing

Compact Monitor Systems allows your business to grow, your employees to succeed and your clients to win without the hassle of traveling and restrictions of time. Now you can have the world-wide conference room experience without leaving your office.


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