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Getting the Best Sound from Your Speakers

Good quality sound needs good quality speakers. Of course there are many other factors to take into account in order to create award winning sound, however without good speakers you don’t stand a chance! You can get a better deal on high performance, good quality speakers by dealing through a reputable Australian commercial AV company. Compact Monitor Systems Australia has partnered with all the big names in pro audio to provide a range of PA systems, speakers and commercial grade hardware at an affordable price.

Positioning Your Speakers for the Best Sound

If you want the best possible sound you need to consider many factors when planning the layout of your speakers. Before you buy speakers, talk to Compact Monitor Systems Australia to find out how many speakers you need, which type of speakers and where they should be placed. Good quality sound requires that your speakers are installed and positioned correctly according to the space and materials in the area. We supply pro audio equipment for temporary and permanent installations, for indoor and outdoor environments.

Achieving Good Sound in Challenging Environments

We install sound systems in some of the most acoustically challenged, extreme harsh weather, and constant use environments. This has demonstrated the reliability of our pro audio equipment and the skill of our AV Technicians. We’ll recommend a solution that not only meets the demands of your environment but also integrates for a seamless, professional look that blends with your style.

We specialise in:

Cruise ship audio video
Extreme exposure to salt air and rain

Cruise Ships

Outdoor systems on cruise ships subject to high winds and constantly exposed to damaging salt air and rain. Get in touch to discuss a professional solution to outdoor sound.

AV in gym
Reflected sound and echoing problems

Gymnasium Studios

Gymnasium studios exposed to damp air and often with lots of glass or hard surfaces that cause audio to reflect and echo, which is a horrible experience for gym members who are working out. Ask Compact Monitor Systems Australia how to deal with sound reflection at your indoors venue.


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