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Why is Your Media Player So Important?

Media Players are a crucial part of any AV system. Whether its for distributing information, entertainment or advertising – the right hardware coupled with the right software can make all the difference. It’s stereotypical for people to have experienced some level of pain when trying to get their media players to work. Many factors can cause issues, for instance the file type (or source) and the configuration of your media player are two aspects that must be correct for things to work properly.

Media players and Content Distributions come in so many different forms these days, built on platforms ranging from Windows to System on Chip (SoC) displays. Our experience can be helpful when choosing the right type of media player for a new AV system setup. Or, we can help you gain control and manage your current system using your existing media players, content and distribution equipment.

How to choose the right media player for your digital display

The way to make your system perfect is by working through your requirements with a professional consultant who can recommend the best options. Compact Monitor Systems Australia has helped businesses all over Australia setup their digital signs and audio systems, using a range of media players.

Digial LCD outdoor digital poster.
Professional solutions for advertising


Digital Signage plays a very large part in advertising and works in almost every venue type. From Hotels and Airports to Clubs and Fitness Centres. Let us help you choose the right software and hardware package to distribute, monitor and generate reporting.

TV in sports bar
Entertain your patrons with video and sound


Public venues such as clubs, pubs and restaurants need a system that is easy to operate, reliable and flexible. We can setup a system that handles digital menus, music, television, advertising and more.

Video wall
Managing digital signs in the workplace


Digital signs are good way to capture the attention of staff and provide live, up to date information in a work envrionment where internal communication is integral to the business.

Industrial workplace
Ensuring WHS and compliance

Health and Safety

Digital signs are an innovative solution in high risk work environments. Managers can broadcast important information in an instance to multiple zones across their workplace.


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