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Digital Processing is Where the Real Magic Happens

Our Technical Engineers will configure your audio system so it sounds perfect every time

Digital Signal Processing, DSP, is essential to engineering an audio system from functionality to the best possible quality audio. Furthermore, designing DSP architecture is also important to make sure the system behaves and sounds as it should. Some of the things a well designed system will take into account are:

  • Echo cancellation for conferencing purposes
  • Zoning, tuning and volume control
  • Automatic routing of priotiy signals such as paging mics and alarms
  • Limiting of signals to protect expensive amps and speakers (from overzealous DJs)

Need more control over your live sound equipment?

We can setup a live performance digital processing system. This can be tailored to the individual user. Digital mixing desks allow us to create custom consoles to give tailored access to sound operators at the level they are comfortable with. Beginner sound operators can be given limited access to volume controls only while advanced users can be given access to all controls of the console.

Mixers and digital processors aren’t only used for live sound:

Google Home device
Home entertainment

Processing Multi Zone Audio at Home

Multi Zone audio is great at home. Setting it up properly is the difference between a good system and a great system. You can run your entire home entertainment and sound system using one more more devices, or a central device.

TV in sports bar
Public venues

Multi Zone Audio with Priority Routing for Commercial Venues

Commercial venues rely on audio systems for member entertainment as well as crucial announcements and alarms. With the right setup, you can announce your Friday night meat raffle while the live band is playing, and not upset anyone.

Modern boardroom with av equipment
Corporate use

Audio Processing for Conference Rooms

Ensure the best user experience at the near and far end of a conference room. Echo cancellation, automixing, background noise suppression and noise floor gating are amongst a few things that need to be considered when setting up a conference room.


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