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Digital Signage & Digital Display Systems

Digital displays are literally everywhere you look. You could be viewing this web page from the palm of your hand, on a tablet device or a giant wall of digital screens in a public setting. Compact Monitor Systems Australia specialise in all types of digital signs and displays, to assist businesses broadcast their media indoors and outdoors.

Touch Screen Systems for Business, Digital Menu Boards & LCD Displays

Touch screens, digital menus and LCD displays give business owners many advantages, with the ability to convey complex information in an elegant way while streamlining processes and gathering data. This technology has become more affordable as technology has improved, which means good news for small and medium businesses looking to implement digital screens in their business on a budget.

Advantages of Digital Display & Interactive Media

Strategic Ways to Use Digital Displays in Business

Touch screens, menus and LCD displays can be used as a system to advertise products and automate processes as a cost effective business measure. Common examples are seen in retail stores, shopping centres, supermarkets, hospitality and fast food chains around Australia.

The most fundamental way to develop a strategy with digital media is to consider the two-way flow of information between the business and the consumer, and to find opportunities where a digital solution can add value in the process.

Enquire with us today to discuss a display strategy for your business. Here are some ways that digital displays can save time, cut expenses and enhance the end-user experience:

Touch screen in shopping centre.
Automate the Ordering Process to Save Time

Touch Screen Ordering & Booking Systems

Touch screen ordering is a popular option for product and service based businesses, such as McDonalds and Australian Company, Just Cuts, to streamline their processes.

Fast food menu screens.
Display Products to Make Customer Decisions Quicker & Easier

Digital Menus for Restaurants & Food Outlets

Previewing the product in high definition detail gives customers a visual taste test, making the item selection process a more engaging and organic experience.

Digial LCD outdoor digital poster.
Manage Your Own Digital Advertising System

LED & LCD Displays for Advertising

Indoor and outdoor digital displays are used by advertisers to entertain and engage audiences, for better involvement and recall of the experience compared to static media.

Fitness Audio Visual

Compact Monitor Systems has been supplying robust Audio Visual systems for the fitness industry for many years. This combination of technical excellence and durability over the years has elevated us to the key stone of Fitness audio visual industry.

We are renowned for our bullet proof Audio and Video installations and our unique Group Fitness Audio Systems, which run consistently every day, day in day out, without an issue. Our Back ground music systems deliver great quality audio and look terrific. The cardio frames and custom screen mounts are versatile and functional, allowing for not only great viewing angles but clear and precise picture quality. It is a testament of our skills and resources that Gymnasiums all over the country function soundly 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Digital Media Solutions

Digital Signage, Digital Menus, Digital POS kiosks and Electronic Bulletin Boards the way of the future

Traditional retail signs are quickly becoming a thing of the past. With new technology comes the helpful application of digital signage, where you can send messages and interactive content as opposed to static print. Taking signage to a whole new level, a digital signage media player can help you target your audience with by controlling your display in a quick, efficient, and eye-catching way.

Dynamic digital signage can set your business apart from the rest. With the prices of LED screen technology more affordable than ever it makes more and more sense to purchase a multipurpose screen rather printing out posters and flyers.

It is a proven fact that moving images sell your product far more successfully than static print media. Menu boards are the future for all venues that need to accommodate constant prices changes alongside product information and advertising. Digital Kiosk’s allow the end user to customise their personal preferences whilst making a transaction of any description. From ordering their favourite lunch to what movie they want to watch tonight at home.

An Electronic Bulletin Board: Instant Communication to Your Customers

With information delivered to your customers instantly, you can change promotions or product details right away. Creating, printing and distributing print ads can be costly, but with Compact Monitor Systems you’ll get more mileage from your money with a personalized information channel. You can even earn some of your investment back by selling ad space on your digital sign and bringing in some unexpected revenue.

Ease of Digital Signage

Bright Sign designs systems emphasize ease-of-use with flexibility and power to take on any task. Having Compact Monitor Systems your digital signage media will increase your ROI from advertisements and interactions with your customers. Best of all, it all happens instantly. You can even schedule content to appear during certain times and dates. Control one or more players from one PC. It’s that simple.

Grow Your Business with Digital Advertising Signage

From corporate offices to retail spaces, hotels and cafeterias to conference centres, digital signage software can make all the difference. Markets for digital signage go far beyond the obvious. Use this new technology for emergency messaging, building customer relationships, brand building, public information, internal information and more. For additional benefits, consider utilising digital lobby signage in the following arenas:

  • Retail shops
  • Public places
  • Health clubs
  • Banking
  • Corporate communications
  • Hospitality


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