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Different Ways to Encode & Distribute Video at Your Venue

Overview of Digital Encoding and Distribution

A variety of venues large and small require various video signals to be distributed to a diverse range range of display devices.

Your content can be streamed from a range of sources depending on what you want to display. For example, some venues have their own in-house entertainment and advertising system that is controlled completely internally. Where other venues may draw their content from an external source such as Digital Television, Foxtel or Keno.

Any combination sources can combine for a fully convergent multimedia distribution system. Distributed video is integral to how many venues entertain and communicate with their guests. We service commercial venues such as gyms, pubs, clubs, hotels, hospitals and high rise apartments to maintain the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction for their patrons and tenants.

Equipment Used for Digital TV Encoding & Distribution

Most commonly used technologies for TV distribution are Radio Frequency (RF) and Internet Protocal (IP), for sending high quality audio and video to a variety of output devices including televisions, projectors, LED walls, treadmills and digital noticeboards.

Digital antenna
Master Antenna Television


A high quality MATV system requires the right products from the antenna to the head end; antenna location and mounting to amplifers, splitters and filters are all equally important. From cable and connector types to cable install methods, Compact Monitor Systems can specify and install MATV systems designed to last making sure all the details are covered

Hotel TV
Radio Frequency Distribution

RF Distribution

RF distribution or antenna distribution is a commmonly used form of video distribution used throughout a multitude of venue types. We cater to pubs, clubs and skyrise buildings to homes, hotels and fitness centres. A good RF distribution system uses quality splitters amps and cables and is meticulously designed and balanced to ensure the optimal signal quality at every outlet.

Ethernet setup.
Internet Protocol Television


IPTV is the more modern version of digital video distribution. It requires good quality cabling and network switches and attention to detail during configuration but provides a robust solution with some added features such as monitoring and reporting.

Horse racing on TV
Premium Content Services

Foxtel, Keno, Sky Racing & Others

Foxtel and premium content is also used throughout a multitude of venue types from pubs, clubs and skyrise buildings to homes, hotels and fitness centres. From sattelite location and mounting to cable and connector types, we can provide, maintain and service all aspects of these systems.


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